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Written by Kevin Weatherilt   
Monday, 04 October 2010

West Didsbury Astronomical Society AGM 12th July 2010

Annual Report on the Society's Activities 2009/10

Report by Phil Brocklebank

Monthly Meetings/ Speakers

14th September

Peter Karboulis, Opticstar: Introduction to Telescopes and Digital Imaging

12th October

Scott Kay, University of Manchester: Galaxy Clusters

9th November

Roger New, Sheffield Hallam University.:  Sounding Out the Sun

14th December

Paul Fitzgerald (aka Buzz):  Apollo Landings; History or Hoax

11th January

Kevin Weatherilt: Astro Quiz

8th February

Fred Loebinger, University of Manchester: The Sex Life of Quarks and Gluons

8th March

Dave Ogden: Magnetism in the Universe

12 April

Jamie Gilmour, University of Manchester: Order of the Planets

10th May

Ian Morison, Jodrell Bank:  A Great Time to be an Astronomer

14th June

Chris Wareing, University of Leeds: Fate of the Sun

12th July

WDAS AGM and Evening Observing


The annual field trip to Hardraw (a truly dark site) took place in January. As usual a good mix of observing (between the clouds), fine food (Caroyn and Phil), some drinking, games, walking and great company.

Other Events

A very enjoyable Christmas meal was held at the Chroma restuarant in Chorlton in December.


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