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Written by Kevin Weatherilt   
Saturday, 03 December 2011
The below process should work, but hasn't been fully tested in "night" setting yet. You need to pre-focus the camera before using with the telescope. This may be useful for others struggling with infinity focusing. Pre-focus: Put it in 'Landscape' mode, S-AF. Leave the lens cap on. Half-press the shutter. An AF failure will force it to focus at an 'infinite' default value. Change it from S-AF to MF, to fix that focus setting. Change from 'Landscape' mode, to whatever you like. Remove lens cap. Don't fiddle with the manual focusing ring. Fire! If you perform this procedure, when in P,S,A or M modes, it will default to focusing at the hyperfocal point, about 2.2metres. Of course, depending a little upon zoom setting and aperture, you will have a varied depth of field, with anything less than 2.2 metres, or greater than nn, being out of focus.
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