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Written by Kevin Weatherilt with other authors indicated.   
Wednesday, 07 March 2012

On the 6th June 2012, you will have the last time to see a transit of Venus across the Sun in our lifetime. The next Earth visible transit will be in 121 years, so make the most of it.

Seen from the direction of the Earth's centre, Venus first touches the Sun's NE limb at 23:10 BST on 5 June (sadly below the horizon). Venus is farthest on to the disc at 02:30 on the 6th and finally leaves the WNW limb at 05:49.

In fact, these times vary by up to 6 minutes depending on our location on the Earth; as seen from much of Britain, for example, Venus does not disappear from the Sun until 05:55.

So in the UK we get a view of the end of the transit

Transit Times

Good Luck, and may the skies be with you!

Venus Transit 2012 June 5 - 6

My thanks to the information suppliers who provided information for this post.

Please take a moment to look at the following links, http://transitofvenus.nl/wp/where-when/local-transit-times/ for the image.

You can look at the history of transits, and for other information, check out the following websites:



HM Nautical Almanac Office: Transits of Venus and check out the animated picture Location of Leeds, UK

The Last transit, was visible from the UK on the morning of June 8th 2004 between 0619 and 1213, and West Didsbury Astronomical Society met at Jacksons Boat in Sale to view it early (before school).

Check out the Galleries, created at the time:

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

The next transit if you are interested is in 2117 December 11th.

Manchester Transit Times 


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