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Monday, 13 May 2013

Astronomical Events in May 2013

Jupiter, Venus, Mercury - May 26th

Fifty minutes after local sunset on May 26th looking northwest. Jupiter is just 5 degrees (10 Moon widths) above the horizon, but below-right is bright Venus which will act as a marker for all three planets. Binoculars will help, a clear sky and an unobstructed view will be essential. Saturn will also be visible over in the south.

However, there are several days where the planets are tightly grouped, but noticably moving.

Carolyn, one our members took the following picture in Chortlon!

Planet Conjunction May 2013

Click on the image for a "larger view"

Click "Read More" for further details.

Moon Nearing Apogee - Big Moon at Moon rise - May 25th

At 2030 25th May the Moon rises in the East as it's approaching perigee (closest to Earth on June 23rd). The full Moon at perigee makes the Moon seem 12% larger, and with the horizon distorting our brains perception, this has the illusion of making the Moon look even bigger too!

So, plan for a great Moon-rise observation in June!

Jupiter, Venus, Mercury Planetary Conjunctions

The three planets are in constant motion of course and either side of this date their positions will move noticeably. Conjunctions occur between Mercury and Venus on May 25th, Mercury and Jupiter on the 27th and Venus and Jupiter on the 28th. Jupiter will soon disappear from view as it heads for conjunction on June 19th. Venus and Mercury will continue to move away from the Sun; Mercury is at greatest elongation on June 12th, after which it moves back towards Venus for another planetary pairing on Jun 20th. Venus is not at greatest elongation in the evening sky until November 1st.

  • May 25th: Mercury - Venus conjunction
  • May 27th: Mercury - Jupiter conjunction
  • May 28th: Venus - Jupiter conjunction
  • Jun 12th: Mercury greatest elongation (24.3 E)
  • Jun 19th: Jupiter in conjunction (with the Sun)
  • Jun 20th: Mercury - Venus conjunction

Moon Rise

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