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Written by Phil Brocklebank   
Monday, 26 June 2006

West Didsbury Astronomical Society AGM 26th June 2006


Annual Report on the Society's Activities 2005/06


Report by Phil Brocklebank


Monthly Meetings / Speakers


12th September: Members’ Evening. 


10th October: Jim Cohen from Jodrell Bank gave a presentation on "Life in Space".


14th November: William Stewart (from our own WDAS) gave an informative and comprehensive talk on "Observing Satellites".


12th December: The Christmas meeting was again in Simpsons Restaurant with wine and mince pies. Dr. Nigel Bannister visited from the Space Research Centre at the University of Leicester to talk to us about "White Dwarfs and Rockets" (a welcome return for Nigel).


9th January: Following the Christmas break, a quieter, more social evening was held with our annual “AstroQuiz”.


13th February: Jamie Gilmour from University of Manchester gave a talk on “The Exploration of Mars”.


13th March: Kevin Kilburn of Manchester Astronomical Society gave a historical presentation on "James Nasmyth – The Lost Gardens of Fireside".


10th April: Richard de Grijs from the University of Sheffield spoke on "A Recipe for Galaxy Soup – When Galaxies Collide".


8th May: Jason Woolley (from our own WDAS) gave a talk on "The Libyan Eclipse 2006".


12th June: Dr David Tsiklauri of University of Salford gave a talk on "Mysteries of the Sun: Why is the Solar Corona so Hot?".




An attempt to observe the partial solar eclipse on 333rd October was abandoned due to cloud.


The annual field trip to Hardraw (a truly dark site) took place at the end of  January. As usual a good mix of observing (between the clouds), fine food (thanks Mrs Roger), some drinking, games, walking and great company.


Other Events


A very enjoyable Christmas Meal was held at the Thai E Sarn Resturant in West Didsbury on 19th December.

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