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Written by Phil Brocklebank   
Wednesday, 12 December 2007

West Didsbury Astronomical Society AGM June 2005


Annual Report on the Society's Activities 2004/05


Report by Phil Brocklebank


Monthly Meetings / Speakers



September       Dr Andrew Greenwood: A Tale of Two Transits


October            Nigel Marshall: Project SpacedOut


November        Ian Favell: Theories on the Origins of Life


December        Dr Ian Morrison (Jodrell Bank): Watchers of the Skies


January           AstroQuiz


February          Ian Griffin (Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester): Observing the Planets with the Hubble Space Telescope


March              Tony Priest: Starchaser Project


April                 Tony Hill (SBTS): Advice on Choosing & Using Telescopes & Binoculars; WDAS Members "Show and Tell"


May                  John Porter: MACHOs or WIMPs: What Makes Galaxies Swirl?


June                Megan Argo (Jodrell Bank): Jodrell Bank's Supernova Project


July                  WDAS AGM


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