WDAS - Next Meeting July 2017 - AGM and Mark Hughes - Massive Black Holes in Galaxies
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Thursday, 08 June 2017

 Mark Hughes

  July 10th 2017

WDAS AGM and Massive Black Holes in Galaxies'

WDAS Chairman for AGM & Speaker: Mark Hughes 
(Manchester University) 

7 - 9 pm. 
William Hulme's Grammar School,
Performing Arts Building


  Astronomy in Art



AGM will be completed for the Societies year closure, and then follows Mark's talk.

AGM is required to be completed before we get into the main talk. Phil, our Chairman, will conduct the AGM and review the Societies year of activity.

Mark's talk is on Massive Black holes in Galaxies.

Find out more at Massive Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies, and specifically research from Manchester University Astronomers find black hole in Sagittarius constellation.

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