Welcome to WDAS

Our next talk will now be ‘The Space Orchestra’ presented by Dr. Rene Breton. This is a late change to the previously advertised talk by Dr. Laura Wolz on ‘How to Map the Universe’ which we hope to reschedule for a later date. As usual, it will take place at Nazarene Theological College. [Please click here for directions & location]. If you would like to attend remotely by Zoom and have not received a link for the talk by Sunday, 10 December please contact us.

Observing trip, Anglesey – March 2018

West Didsbury Astronomical Society was formed to bring people together who have an interest in Astronomy. If you are interested in astronomy and you’re in the Manchester (UK) area come and meet other local astronomers. 

Everyone is welcome from the complete beginner to the more experienced astronomer. There are regular meetings during the year and ad hoc observing sessions. We ask all members and guests to be courteous, tolerant and respectful at all times.

For further details – please feel free to attend a society meeting – meetings are usually held on the second Monday of every month (except in August) at Nazarene Theological College. [click here for directions & location]. If attending in person please familiar yourself with the fire safety instructions [here]. We may also provide live streaming (via zoom) talks as a further option for those who cannot attend in person.

Meetings run from 7pm – 9pm.

More information about becoming a member here.

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